You can make ’em like you.


There is really nothing more sad than a dog that clearly likes you, and wants to like you, but has no idea how and is too consumed by whatever lingering fear to actively do so.

I’m pretty positive Elsa likes me. She cries/yips in excitement when she hears me talking as I come down to her apartment. When I come in she is standing tall, wagging her tail, and crying. Today she even looked like maybe she wanted to jump up on me. Then I come closer and she tucks her tail and head, avoiding. She’s pretty leery when I’m standing and will come to me when I finally kneel down. After the initial moments of setting sight on me, then the avoidance, she’s just largely indifferent. I don’t say much when I come in, just “hello mama.” (apparently I have a tendency to call all female dogs “mama” but in this case she really was at one point an actual mama) and then I hang out with her. Usually she sleeps within a few inches of me, and sometimes I scratch her belly or the top of her head like she likes, but that is about it so far. It’s extremely difficult not to just force yourself on a dog like her. LIKE ME. I HAND FEED YOU AND BRING YOU BELLY SCRATCHES. It just doesn’t work that way. If she is feeling up to it Saturday I’m going to take her on a walk with my Elkhound Jack and really hope she takes a shine to other dogs like I saw in the shelter. I really think they could be a good confidence booster for her and then she could start venturing into the rest of our house. Baby steps, though. It also might be completely over whelming for her.

She’s doing much better from her spay, just some anorexia. She wouldn’t touch her food last night or today until I hand fed it to her. I’m very grateful she will accept food from my hands. So I hand fed her her entire dinner because I love her. I knew I would. I always loved her.


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