You should be like a dog at the foot of my bed and you’ll never be lonely again.


Elsa isstrutting around making noises, so I figured I’d finally make an update. Sorry it has been a minute. Too much drama surrounding my life and a lot of my time spent between my dogs and Elsa.

Right now she’s screaming at the window because she’d like to go outside to eat leaves and chew her leash. She just went to the bathroom so this is all a big production to trick me into taking her outside to do these fruitless things in the windy rain and cold. She gets VERY excited when I come in and cries at me while I’m eating and not sharing. She gives me a blank look when I ask her to sit. She ate part of my house and destroyed a thousand card board boxes into tiny pieces of cardboard. Silly me put down potty pads just in case she had to go while I was at work. She promptly destroyed them and then peed on the remains. If I am scratching her and I stop to type something on my computer, she nudges my elbow or forces her head under my arm. She eats pig ears with a fury.

We’ve got a dog on our hands here.

Elsa, legs crossed.


2 Responses to “You should be like a dog at the foot of my bed and you’ll never be lonely again.”

  1. Meg Says:

    Yay! Sounds like someones realized how nice it is to be what she is… and relax šŸ™‚ Let the doggy syndrome begin! (aka look at you with those loving eyes as yous can her distrution.. and then she will tell you in every possible way that SHE did not do that, golly no!)

    • ThoseWordsAtBest Says:

      Tonight she managed to lock herself in a bedroom and then destroy the door in the process of trying to get out. Dogs we love them.

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