I will buy you a new life.


I keep opening this thing every night but I have no idea what to write. All this shit happens and then I don’t know how to appropriately recap it. I’ll at least hit a few positives and negatives.

Elsa responds quite positively to me and jumps all over me when I come to see her. I know I have to discourage this but every time it happens for now I say “Tomorrow, we won’t let her do this tomorrow.” It’s just extremely encouraging to find her acting like a normal dog. Our current interactions are generally five minutes of extreme excitement, petting, and then she goes into this furniture cave she has created for herself and just likes the idea I am down here.

She does yell a bit when I go upstairs to go to bed, but quiets after a few minutes. The other night I sat up in bed because I distinctly heard a squeak. I assumed one of my dogs had found something still alive from the massacre of the 40 some dog toys I got them a few weeks ago, but every one was sound asleep. I laid back down because Elsa is afraid of the squeak toys we got her, but a minute later I heard a rapid succession of squeaks. She not only went and retrieved her squeakers from her room, but was actively playing with them. ❤

The only negative thus far is her reaction to my dogs. It’s not favorable, but at this point I am going to chalk it up to fear and keep working. She was reactive to our Elkhound (who couldn’t care less and just smiled in the face of bared teeth). On site she was confident and wagging her tail but on approach she smelled his neck and then snarled. I removed her and allowed her to approach again when she looked relaxed and approached on her own. Immediately ended the session when she smelled him for a moment, stiffened, and her eyes widened. If there is any thing I am thankful I have learned it is knowing when a dog is uncomfortable and when to remove before a bite can happen. I’m certain this is fear and a confidence issue and hopefully at the end we can come out liking other dogs. If not, not a big deal. Makes her a bit harder to place, but worth the effort.


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