Well, LAST year I mean.

Starting a blog was much more adventurous seeming when I thought I was going to be rehabbing a far gone dog. Instead now I spend my time hanging out with a pretty normal dog that loves to chill with me and eat raw chicken legs. Does not really make for an exciting blog.

I don’t really know if any one reads this shit so I’ll update as I feel warranted.


I keep opening this thing every night but I have no idea what to write. All this shit happens and then I don’t know how to appropriately recap it. I’ll at least hit a few positives and negatives.

Elsa responds quite positively to me and jumps all over me when I come to see her. I know I have to discourage this but every time it happens for now I say “Tomorrow, we won’t let her do this tomorrow.” It’s just extremely encouraging to find her acting like a normal dog. Our current interactions are generally five minutes of extreme excitement, petting, and then she goes into this furniture cave she has created for herself and just likes the idea I am down here.

She does yell a bit when I go upstairs to go to bed, but quiets after a few minutes. The other night I sat up in bed because I distinctly heard a squeak. I assumed one of my dogs had found something still alive from the massacre of the 40 some dog toys I got them a few weeks ago, but every one was sound asleep. I laid back down because Elsa is afraid of the squeak toys we got her, but a minute later I heard a rapid succession of squeaks. She not only went and retrieved her squeakers from her room, but was actively playing with them. ❤

The only negative thus far is her reaction to my dogs. It’s not favorable, but at this point I am going to chalk it up to fear and keep working. She was reactive to our Elkhound (who couldn’t care less and just smiled in the face of bared teeth). On site she was confident and wagging her tail but on approach she smelled his neck and then snarled. I removed her and allowed her to approach again when she looked relaxed and approached on her own. Immediately ended the session when she smelled him for a moment, stiffened, and her eyes widened. If there is any thing I am thankful I have learned it is knowing when a dog is uncomfortable and when to remove before a bite can happen. I’m certain this is fear and a confidence issue and hopefully at the end we can come out liking other dogs. If not, not a big deal. Makes her a bit harder to place, but worth the effort.

Today we came down to see Elsa per usual and she burst around the room in full zoomies. She kept running back and forth between my boyfriend and I, play bowing and smiling, while we yelled “Go get Mimi!” “Go get daddy!”

Bittersweet as it lasted maybe 30 seconds before she was completely wiped out. Hate that heartworm. Can’t wait to get it treated. She is in good health and ready to begin.

Elsa isstrutting around making noises, so I figured I’d finally make an update. Sorry it has been a minute. Too much drama surrounding my life and a lot of my time spent between my dogs and Elsa.

Right now she’s screaming at the window because she’d like to go outside to eat leaves and chew her leash. She just went to the bathroom so this is all a big production to trick me into taking her outside to do these fruitless things in the windy rain and cold. She gets VERY excited when I come in and cries at me while I’m eating and not sharing. She gives me a blank look when I ask her to sit. She ate part of my house and destroyed a thousand card board boxes into tiny pieces of cardboard. Silly me put down potty pads just in case she had to go while I was at work. She promptly destroyed them and then peed on the remains. If I am scratching her and I stop to type something on my computer, she nudges my elbow or forces her head under my arm. She eats pig ears with a fury.

We’ve got a dog on our hands here.

Elsa, legs crossed.

There is really nothing more sad than a dog that clearly likes you, and wants to like you, but has no idea how and is too consumed by whatever lingering fear to actively do so.

I’m pretty positive Elsa likes me. She cries/yips in excitement when she hears me talking as I come down to her apartment. When I come in she is standing tall, wagging her tail, and crying. Today she even looked like maybe she wanted to jump up on me. Then I come closer and she tucks her tail and head, avoiding. She’s pretty leery when I’m standing and will come to me when I finally kneel down. After the initial moments of setting sight on me, then the avoidance, she’s just largely indifferent. I don’t say much when I come in, just “hello mama.” (apparently I have a tendency to call all female dogs “mama” but in this case she really was at one point an actual mama) and then I hang out with her. Usually she sleeps within a few inches of me, and sometimes I scratch her belly or the top of her head like she likes, but that is about it so far. It’s extremely difficult not to just force yourself on a dog like her. LIKE ME. I HAND FEED YOU AND BRING YOU BELLY SCRATCHES. It just doesn’t work that way. If she is feeling up to it Saturday I’m going to take her on a walk with my Elkhound Jack and really hope she takes a shine to other dogs like I saw in the shelter. I really think they could be a good confidence booster for her and then she could start venturing into the rest of our house. Baby steps, though. It also might be completely over whelming for her.

She’s doing much better from her spay, just some anorexia. She wouldn’t touch her food last night or today until I hand fed it to her. I’m very grateful she will accept food from my hands. So I hand fed her her entire dinner because I love her. I knew I would. I always loved her.

Spay day.


Elsa was successfully spayed today. PHEW.

I’m really glad it went smoothly and solidified that though today was A LOT outside of her comfort zone, she was not pushed to bite or even bare her teeth. There was an incident when we were checking her in and a woman came in the door with her dog, was paying attention to her young child that was refusing to walk through the door, and her dog ran up into Elsa’s face. I looked down to see them nose to nose when Elsa (I’m pretty positive it was her, the other dog looked very thrilled) growled very loudly but when I pulled her harness slightly and said “hey.” she easily turned towards me. When she heals from her spay I’m going to take her for a walk with our very level headed, calm Elkhound before introductions and see where that goes. I think this dog in the office was just way over her threshold for all the stuff going on.

She easily let me put a harness on her and was very puppy like in her walk outdoors to the car. She held her tail wagging and ran in quick bursts, nomming on the leash every so often. She also either is house trained, or is so used to being a stray that she enjoys going the bathroom outside. She hadn’t pooped since Saturday night but immediately pooped upon exiting the car, and peed outside each time we walked out. Bit unsure of walking around entirely, allowed me to pick her up and put her in the car but had a little trouble with me picking her up to take her out. It looked like she wanted to jump, but my boyfriend has a Range Rover so it was much too far to let her do it- especially after her surgery.

Of course I forgot all her paper work when I got there, and I forgot to ask them to cut her nails. Thankfully my vet rules and did it while she was under anyway. I’m fairly certain she would let me cut them as I handled her paws effortlessly last night but my motto here is baby steps. We’re not going to face any thing quickly unless we have to- like today’s trip to the vet. The vet thought it was best to spay first then treat her heartworm, and I wanted to get her spayed so I can begin working on socializing her a bit with the dogs as she’ll have to be completely separated and calm during her treatment (as if she isn’t any thing but calm anyway). She did great in the vets office- let strangers take her leash and lead here away, even petting her. She was dropped off at 7:30 AM and the vet called me at 9 AM and I didn’t answer. I didn’t answer because I was terrified they’d either say she went apeshit and bit every one who came near her, or that when they opened her up they discovered something horrible and we needed to put her to sleep. I was incredibly anxious about today in general so that is how my brain works. They left a voicemail and I stalled for a long time before listening to it. I ended up saving the voicemail forever because it was just the vet saying she did really well, was awake/recovering nicely, and that she was never aggressive at any point.

Unfortunately, it didn’t continue to go all that smoothly. She vomited, is sluggish, and on pain meds. Hopefully she recovers well and can maybe meet Jack (my aforementioned Elkhound). I’d like him to help her build confidence with people, so cross your fingers that she does well with dogs. She’s mostly passed out but I’m going to go sit with her and stroke her ears like she likes.

Today we eat our first cheese.